Wood Art Gallery Krefeld

The Wood Art Gallery is an open air streetart gallery in a natural environment on the outskirts of Krefeld Germany created by 20 international streetartists.

A streetart project that create new perspectives

The project was iniciated by the citisen Manfred Wilms who one day came to show me photos of the place he usually used to take his dog for a walk. Immediately I got caught by the idea to propose a streetart festival concept to the city which would transform the place with artistic interventions.

Luckily in 2015 the city marketing started it’s campagne “Krefelder Perspektivwechsel” which seemed to be a perfect match for the project. Citisens were asked to give ideas of how to enrich the city life and play a part in the creation of new perspectives and identification for their city. Manfred and me proposed the event concept which was accepted with pleasant anticipation.

The jury was convinced that this project that connects different perspectives of culture, nature and economy, will bring people together and invite to discussions. This was how the long story began. Other gallery projects that followed were the Rhine Side Gallery in 2017 and the Down Town Gallery in 2019.

Streetart inspired by the place and people

For the Wood Art Gallery I invited 20 international artists who all found their favourite spots in the aerea. They created their designs right at the place inpired by the environment and the artist community.

Most of the walls, concrete tubes and objects the artists painted on, were left in the wood years ago by a concrete product fabric which is shut down since 1985.

The gallery is still accessible for visitors and has become an attractive tourist destination.

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