Streetartig Ingolstadt – International Frankenstein 3D

In 2018 the theme of “Frankenstein” was interpreted in a very different way as usual in the German city Ingolstadt. The city has a close connection to the famouse novel of the same name, written by Mary Shelley. According to the novel, a creature was artificially created in the medical university of Ingolstadt by doctor Victor Frankenstein.

I invited the 3D streetart artists Vera Bugatti and Cuboliquido from Italy, Alex Maksiov from Ukraine and Eduardo Relero from Spain to interpret topics of the novel and visualize a connection to present age. Within three days, they created four individual 3D streetpaintings in the center of Ingolstadt and attract a lot of visitors.

Besides I invited local people to participate in my streetartworkshop where I explained the main issues of 3D streetart.

At the same time this exposition took place in a nearby art gallery which dealed with the same topic of Frankenstein

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