International StreetArt Festival Sögel 2016

In 2013 Ingrid Cloppenburg from the city Sögel found me on the internet and contacted me, because she was interested in a streetartfestival. After meeting and presenting my festival concept to her, we organized the first international Streetartfestival in Sögel in 2014. Because the numbers of visitors were so high and the people enjoyed the festival a lot, I was asked to organize a second festival in 2016 to attract another time more than 10000 visitors. I invited 28 artists from all over Europe, Mexico, Russia and the United States of America. 

streetart in Soegel1193D-streetart is very popular

Most of the streetpaintings were 3D Streetpaintings and there were even two very huge ones that were painted within four days out of competition. Gregor Wosik and Roberto Carlos Trevino Rodriguez were the featured XL artists. But also the 2D streetartists fascinated the visitors with their very fine chalktechniques and amazing ideas.




streetart in Soegel054Because of the bad weather, tents protected the chalk artists and musicians

This year we were not so lucky. There was a lot of rain on sunday. Tents and plastic protected the paintings and the artists helped each other. Finally every artist was able to finish the painting. Also the Reggea-Band „boomtown shakedown“ from Münster and the spanish band „Gypsy Surf“ were playing their music in a tent.



streetart in Soegel075funny street circus

The combination of streetart and street circus is fabulous. Franco Gill from Hamburg fascinated the young and older visitors with his clownshow and interactive street theatre. 




streetart in Soegel110Food market

The streetart festival was combined with a culinary food marked of regional food companies.




streetart in Soegel117winner from Russia and Mexico

The publik was asked to vote for their favourite painting. Adry del Rocio from Mexico won in the category 2D streetart and Victor Puzin from Russia won in the category 3D streetart. He painted a bridge of books. The winners were given a blue sheep as a present.  The blue sheeps are symbols for peace tolerance and community.



Soegel streetart follow up08Even more streetart during the follow up week

After the festival in Sögel most of the artists stayed in the city in order to do some more streetart in the city and wait for the Festival in Wilhelmshaven to come the weekend after. The city gave us hospitality wile the artists decorated walls and electricity boxes.

We even organized a common trip to Bremen the day ofter the festival so that the artists could relax a bit.


 Thank you!

I want to thank all artists for sharing their beautiful art with me, the visitors and citisens of Sögel. You make the people experience the power of streetart! You surprise and inspire. You offer your colours and creativity to so many people and you can even make impossible things possible. Keep on doing that! You are amazing!

In the name of all participants I want to thank Ingrid Cloppenburg of the cirymarketing Sögel for all her engagement. It was great to get the opportunity to show our amazing streetart in such beautiful and welcoming atmoshere.

I also want to thank Christian Thien, the leader of the accommodation place “Jugendbildungsstätte Mastall Clemenswerth” for his great hospitality and support in all occassions. We had a great time!

Here you will see some impressions of the festival and the follow up week:


Streetart Follow up week

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