International StreetArt Festival Sögel 2014


The first International StreetArt Festival in Sögel was a total success! Professional streetartists from all over Europe, Russia, Mexico and the USA presented their amazing 2D and 3D streetart. 

Besides there was a gallery that presented some of the artist’s studio work.

Streetcircus and streetmusic completed the artistic experience while a culinary food marcet served for the visitors well-being. The public voted for their favourite streetpaintings. Jennifer Chaparro from the USA won the oversea price and Valentina Sforzini from Italy won the Toulon special price. (The invitation and sponsoring as featured artist to the international streetpaintingfestival in Toulon, France.)

After the festival in Sögel, most of the artists stayed in the city in order to do some more streetart in the city and wait for the Festival in Wilhelmshaven to come the weekend after. The city gave us hospitality wile the artists decorated walls and electricity boxes.

We even organized a common trip to Bremen the day ofter the festival so that the artists could relax a bit.

Here you can see some video impressions of the festival and the follow up week:

Streetmusic and Circus

StreetArt Festival follow up week

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