3D streetart catalogue illustration

3D streetart as an illustration of a promotion catalogue for worker security clothes

Together with the communication agency „CHANGE“ I elaborated the concept of this special 3D Streetart promotion campaign for the company „MEWA“.

Interactive and somehow funny streetart should present the six catalogue categorys: Clothing, gloves, shoes, protection of ears, eyes, respiration and head, hygiene and skin protection and finally working equipment. Besides the front page of the catalogue needed a great streetart scene.

As the time planning of the project was very tight, we asked our friend and colleague Gregor Wosik to help us out with two of the planned paintings. He painted the shower scene and the huge dredger in his studio. The paintings were all made with acrylics on vinyl. and the fotos were all made with professional photographers and modells. Two photos were made in our studio and the others were all made on a special location that was selected for the scene. So painting was one part of this project. The intallation was another part. Especially the huge dredger was difficult to install, as no holes were allowed to bore into the concrete wall…  We were so happy when finally everything went out as it was planned without any problems.

Because of the good reactions we were even asked to do another 3D scene for the next catalogue for the summer season. We designed a surfing scene you see very below.

For us it was a great opportunity to see how effective the interaction can be used for communication purpose by planning the photoshot very well in advance. After all we were all proud of the final results.



3D streetart freddart presslufthammer

3D streetart freddart New York

3D streetart freddart klassiko Bagger

3D streetart freddart Handschuhe

3d streetart freddart klassiko Dusche

3D streetart freddart Schlucht

3D streetart freddart Sydney

3D streetart Gullisurfer