The 3D streetartists and event manager Fredda Wouters enchant her audience with anamorphic 3D streetpaintings, murals, interior design and streetart eventmanagement!

Seen or photographed from a special viewpoint, the distorted shapes and lines, that are created by her on walls and the pavement form a realistic 3D streetpainting scenery. She is specialized in the creation of invented sceneries that perfectly match the perspective, theme and the coloursetting of the place. Besides she often uses the element of humorous storytelling.

After finishing her 3D streetpainting, Fredda invites the public to step into the painting, interact ,make a pic and become a storyteller.

Her 3D streetart is understandable for everybody no matter how old, rich or educated the spectator is. It sticks to the mind and make the people think and talk to each other.

She won numerous prizes at international street painting competitions and showed her streetart in Germany the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, United States, the United Emirates of Arabia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Mexico.

Streetart event management

As a professional eventmanager she also curates streetpaintingfestivals and streetart galleries  such as the 3D Streetpaintingfestival Kerkrade 2013 in the Netherlands, the Streetartfestival Sögel 2014 and 2016 in Germany, the WoodArt Gallery Krefeld in 2015, the Rhine side Gallery Krefeld in 2017, the Downtown Gallery Krefeld in 2019 and the Silk City Gallery in Krefeld in 2021.

Artists group Downtown Gallery Krefeld 2019, Foto: Adry del Rocio

In 2017 and 2019 she curated the International Madonnari-Festival in her hometown Kevelaer promoting the traditional Italian chalk art in Germany.

Fredda Wouters uses her many experiences and personal contacts in the streetart scene. She makes streetart experiences possible that highly inspire the public as well as the participating artists.

The 3D streetpainting artist’s intention

Fredda Wouters aims at a better understanding of the value of art in public spaces as a medium to create community and a dialougue between each other. Besides it is important to her that art overcome the borders of traditional art museums and traditional artmarkets – as it appears and works as an interactive thought incentive in the middle of the society in public spaces. It motivates her to promote streetart as something healthy, valuable and nessesary for the whole global society. To her mind art should become more democratic and less privileged.

In 2015 that intention led her to open an art studio and gallery called “KUK-Atelier” in Kevelaer where she organizes streetart workshops, concerts and network meetings for local artists and people who are interested in culture, communication and the exchange of creative ideas.

In 2018 together with 6 local people she founded an art association called wirKsam e.V. based in this KUK-Atelier to support culture, art and local artists in Kevelaer. (More information:

3D Streetart illusion as interior design

Fredda Wouters also create room concepts for fair booths or interior design for companies. These are some of her favourite projects, where she transformed the restrooms in a dancing school in Halberstadt and an eventhouse in Rostock an intresting art attraction.

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