Frederike alias Fredda Wouters

The 30-year-old street painter from Kevelaer, Germany Frederike Fredda Wouters has been active since the year 2001 in the field of street painting.

Street painting accompanied her during her whole learning path and helped her to finance her studies of marketing management (tourism and event management) in the Netherlands and Spain.  After her bachelor degree, since 2012 she works as a freelance artist for her company FreddArt Streetpainting.

She leads street art workshops, creates wall-paintings and 3D streetpainting illusions. She won numerous prizes at international street painting competitions and showed her streetart in Germany the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, United States, Bulgaria, Latvia and Mexico. In 2014 she even broke a Guinness world record by painting together with many other artists the world’s largest anamorphic streetpainting of a huge 3D megalodon shark in Venice Beach Florida.

As a professional eventmanager she also organizes streetpaintingfestivals such as the Streetpaintingfestival Kerkrade 2013 in the Netherlands, the Streetartfestival Sögel 2014 and 2016 in Germany or the WoodArt Gallery Krefeld in 2015.


3D Straßenmalerei Phoenix in HamburgTeam FreddArt Streetpainting

Since 2015 the streetpainting artist and hyperrealist Roberto Carlos Treviño Rodriguez joined her company and together they never pass up an opportunity to paint the grey patches in the cities throughout the world with colours while traveling, at events or for advertising purposes. In 2015 they opened together an art studio and gallery called “KUK-Atelier” in their hometown Kevelaer. More information about their studio you will finde on: www.kuk-atelier.de




FotografiaRoberto Carlos Treviño Rodriguez 

Roberto Carlos Treviño Rodriguez is an autodidactic professional artist who was born in Monterrey Mexico at the 12th of March 1980.

He studied Electronics and worked in a steel factory as a wageworker. Following the advices of his co-workers who saw him drawing all the time, he started studying and working in the field of graphic design. But after one year financial difficulties forced him to leave his studies.

Nevertheless he kept on developing his creative skills and made a living from drawing, painting on canvas, making mural paintings and teaching airbrush technics.

In Monterrey he was part of “The Art Project”, a collective of talented artists of Monterrey that work together in a centre of creation and production of culture and contemporary art.

As a talented streetpainter in 2D and 3D perspective he passed the Mexican borders several times in order to participate at many important international streetpainting festivals in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States.  His experiences and contacts abroad motivated him to fulfil his desire to expose his paintings at art shows in Europe and the United States.

Today he lives in Germany and works together with the streetpaintingartist Frederike Wouters, with whom he opened an art studio and gallery, called KUK-Atelier in their hometown Kevelaer. His canvas paintings are influenced by his admiration of the artwork of Chuck Close, Gottfried Hellnwein, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali.

Using oil painting technics and airbrush technics with acrylic colours he creates mostly big sized paintings in his personal style: A mixture of hyperrealism and pop art.

More information: www.roberto-kuenstler.com


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